WSU: CATIA V5R30 Prismatic Machining

by: Wichita State University - National Institute for Aviation Research

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Preparing to Machine
3. Part Operation Setup
4. Replaying
5. Machining
6. Axial Machining
7. Patterns
8. Multiple Part Operations
9. Fixtures
10. Transformations
11. Post Processor Instructions
12. Manual Tool Changes
13. User Representation Tools
14. NC Documentation
15. APT Code Generation
16. Practice Problems

This book is the beginning manufacturing book. This book covers the machining operations involved in 3-axis milling. Students will be introduced to the process environment of CATIA V5 and learn how to work between the process, part and product environments.

Upon successful completion of the book, the student will be able to build stock material; define part operations; define machining operations; replay the machining operations; modify machining operations to reflect part modifications and generate Apt code for the machining process.


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