WSU: CATIA V5R30 Functional Tolerancing and Annotation

by: Wichita State University - National Institute for Aviation Research

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
3. Datums
4. Dimensions
5. Propagation Selection
6. Geometrical Tolerancing
7. Basic Dimensions
8. Annotations
9. Geometry for 3D
10. Note Object Attribute
11. Reports
12. Visualization
13. Problems

This book uses a functional approach to modeling parts. This methodology hinges off of the idea that the part has an inherent inside and outside. This book concentrates on the tools available and the method of construction of part bodies. It also will cover working in the context of an assembly.

Upon completion of this book, the student should have a full understanding of creating basic part features, creating functional part features, modifying part features, and using functional modeling in the context of an assembly.


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