WSU: CATIA V5R30 Composites

by: Wichita State University - National Institute for Aviation Research

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Preliminary Design
3. Ply Creation
4. Drop Off and Slicing
5. Analyzing
6. Splice Zones
7. Review Exercises
8. Manufacturing Process
9. Mirroring
10. Exporting

This book covers the design and creation of composite parts. Both major methods for creating composite ply definition are included: the zone method and the grid method. Creating manufacturing processes and analyzing composite parts is also discussed.

Upon completion of this book, students will be able to define composite parameters; define the laminate of composite parts using either the zone method or the grid method; modify existing plies; generate solids from the composite definition; analyze composite parts; create manufacturing processes for composite parts; and export ply definitions.


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