by: Wichita State University - National Institute for Aviation Research

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Product Structure Introduction
3. Product Structure
4. DMU Space Analysis Introduction
5. DMU Space Analysis
6. DMU Navigator Introduction
7. DMU Navigator
8. DMU Tolerancing Review Introduction
9. DMU Tolerancing Review
10. DMU 2D Viewer Introduction
11. DMU 2D Viewer
12. Practice Problems

This book is intended for people who want to view and analyze CAD data. It also covers the various analytical and navigational tools available within ENOVIA DMU. It will also show how functional dimensioning and tolerancing information can be viewed. Students will be introduced to the product environment and the 2D viewer environment to view all types of data.

Upon successful completion of the book, the student will be able to insert and manipulate components in an assembly; perform measurements, clash analysis and section analysis; create scenes and annotated views; capture pictures and create xml files for external use; utilize all of the navigation tools; view functional dimensioning and tolerancing information and view 2D drawings.


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