WSU: CATIA V5R21 Functional Tolerancing and Annotation

by: Wichita State University - National Institute for Aviation Research

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
3. Datums
4. Dimensions
5. Propagation Selection
6. Geometrical Tolerancing
7. Basic Dimensions
8. Annotations
9. Geometry for 3D
10. Note Object Attribute
11. Reports
12. Visualization
13. Problems

This book is for those interested in model based definition, where the 3D model is the master instead of the draft sheet. This book covers all of the necessary options to properly apply tolerancing and annotations on the 3D part or product.

Upon successful completion of the book, the student will be able to create views; any geometrical or dimensional tolerance and annotation necessary to convey the design intent of the 3D part using both manual techniques and the tolerancing advisor; create captures to organize those specifications; filter the specifications; and create reports.


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