Unmanned Aviation Systems:The Definitive Guide

by: Michael Leasure and Michael S. Nolan

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems

2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design and Construction
3. Aircraft structures, Materials, and Repair
4. Electricity, Electrical, Communications and Navigation Systems
5. Powerplant Theory and Operation
6. Flight Control
7. Sensors and Payloads
8. Airspace Operations

9. Flight Operations

10. Regulations

11. Future Trends and Technology

Civilian unmanned aviation systems (UAS) are emerging as a significant new segment of aviation. In this book, Purdue University Professors Michael Leasure and Michael S. Nolan, provide a comprehensive practical knowledgebase on all aspects of UAS. Professor Leasure's and Nolan's practical approach to the field and comprehensive coverage of difficult to understand concepts is key in guiding you to a sucessful career in this emerging aviation segment. Unlike other books that treat UAS as radio control toys, this book provides you with the knowledge that you will need to tackle this field professionally. This book truly is the Definitive Guide to Unmanned Aviation Systems.


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