Essentials of Parametric Solid Modeling

by: Dr. Jorge D. Camba, Prof. Travis J. Fuerst, Prof. Amy B Mueller, Dr. Nathan Hartman

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Role of Graphics in the Product Design Process
Chapter 2 - Parametric Feature-Based Solid Modeling
Chapter 3 - Parametric Solid Modeling Software Systems
Chapter 4 - Parametric Sketching
Chapter 5 - Part Modeling
Chapter 6 - Assembly Modeling
Chapter 7 - Advanced Modeling Strategies and Reusability
Chapter 8 - Technical Drawings

The process of designing a new product is one that plays out all over the world on a daily basis. Over the past several centuries, design methods have improved, material science has advanced, and manufacturing methods have changed, but the key development has been digitalization of product and process data. At the heart of the digitalization process in manufacturing is accurate geometric and mathematical representation of products. Solid modeling can provide this representation but parametric solid modeling provides the ability to use dimensions, properties, and relationships to define, manipulate, and drive the geometry of the model. Essentials of Parametric Solid Modeling describes how CAD systems have gone from computerized drawing boards to parametric solid modelers and describes the major functions of CAD systems by getting to the basics of sketching, feature and part creation, and working with assemblies and drawings.

Parametric solid modeling is a powerful and complex tool. This book presents the essentials in clear, understandable language including real world examples


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